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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

+.×Hey My name is Camilla, if you can't remember that call me Cammie. I will always love my friends and family, so if you ever need to talk dont worry about dropping in or calling me to talk I'm always at home! I will always miss old friends, new friends, and family. Chaz I Love You Miss You So Much, Cant Wait To See You Agian. I hear the sounds of country music, it's the best and if you say it isn't well then you need some help! I worry alot about friends and family, especaily my baby brothers I love All 3 Of You! I love to dance Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern and Jazz, so if you ever happen to walk past RNB on a day drop in see if I'm there I'm friendly don't worry! I want a boyfriends but there isn't one out there for me right now, maybe in a year or so, I believe that love is just around the corner and everyone just needs to look a little harder to find it, that goes for me too! I love to laugh so make a joke, and I'm sure to laugh if its funny hehe. Well thats its from Me Call me KiKi.+:

I'll also try to include some pictures that I feel represent me.

Me, I Love Everyone!

Favorite Stuff

Hers my favorite things!, If your my friend you shouls know this, but for thoughs who don't here how you'r going to find out!

Favorite TV Show: The O.C
Favorite Movie: Honey
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Punk, Some Rock
Favorite Book: Harry Poter
Favorite Sports Team: B.C Lions!
Favorite Food: Candy hahaha!!
People I Most Admire: So Many, Benji and Eminem

Favorite Quotes


A wise man once said...I don't know go ask a woman!

İMade By Me, Dun Steal My Stuff!!