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Social Code

Social Code!!

Social Code is the latest definition of modern punk rock. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, the band is hard at work promoting their Debut Album, A Year at the Movies. Riding on the success of the first single, Beautiful, the band is roaring towards the release of A Whisper to a Scream. With the full support of Interscope Records, and a devoted fan base, the band's only direction is on to world domination.

Growing up around music, Travis Nesbitt (Vocals) and Logan Jacobs (Bass) joined forces with Rob Schellenberg (Guitar) and Andrew Patrick (drums) to form Fifth Season. As the band progressed, releasing several independent EPs, a line-up change was in order. Dave Hesse was called in to play guitar, and with that addition, Fifth Season released the LP, Patiently waiting. Record Labels began taking interest in Fifth Season, and success seemed within grasp for the band. A deal was reached with Interscope Records for the release of a new album. Upon signing with Interscope Records, a conflict arose with the name of the band. Fifth Season was the name of a rather successful European band, and to avoid any major legal conflicts, Fifth Season was changed to Social Code. The band made one more line-up change before moving to Los Angeles, and Ben Shillabeer was brought in as the new drummer.

A Year At The movies was the new creation of Social Code, and appropriately so, as the band had quite the journey on the road to completing the album, and as Travis once said, "... it felt like a year at the movies". The first track off the album was released as the debut single, and a video was made (available for download at www.socialcodemusic.com). As the musical career of Social Code progressed, the band was invited to join Bif Naked on the cross Canada Naked Aggression Tour with Out Of Your Mouth and The Salads.

Following the conclusion of the Naked Aggression Tour, Social Code embarked on a cross-Canada acoustic tour, sponsored by Digital Youth. This was able to bring the music of Social Code to a whole new audience, by bringing them into malls all accross the country.

It wasn't long after the band got home from the Digital Youth Tour, that Social Code was invited to play the Western Canada dates on The Vans Warped Tour. Again opening Social Code to a new audience, the band was playing in a setting all new to them. "it felt like we jumped on board, like a party that had started a few months earlier... it was like this big travelling circus"

As the summer of 2004 came to a close, just as school was about to start again, Social Code was fortunate to play at several Frosh events in Western Canada. As the Tour was under way, Social Code was on their way to stardom, when they were struck with some unfortunate luck. Dave Hesse had parted ways with the band. A real shock for many devoted Social Code fans, Dave's departure sparked a whole new begining for the Alberta-based rock band. Enter Chris Ruddy (Guitar and Vocals for Drive By Punch). Chris was able to add a whole new dimension to Social Code, and it was just the kick that the band needed to prepare for their next stint of shows.

In September of 2004, Social Code was invited to play four shows with Steve-O (Jackass), on the Don't Try This At Home Tour. The band was the perfect fit for the mini-tour, and was able to get the crowd pumped up for the phenomenal stunt show.

Just as the Don't Try This At Home Tour came to an end, plans were in the works for an Eastern Canada Tour, bringing Social Code to almost every city from Windsor to Halifax. The band had a lucky break right before Halloween, and ventured to Detroit, Michigan to open for The Used. As the Ontario leg of the tour came to an end, Social Code was stricken some bad news, that their van wasn't able to make it to the east coast. Social Code has never been a band to let anything stand in their way, so they made the most of the situation, and began preperation for the filming of their second video, A Whisper to a Scream.

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