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Digital Youth

Digital Youth

Well my Digital Youth buddies what can I say? Wow this summer, this year it’s been a blast, I can’t wait for more summers and years like they were this year! Playland, Wake West, PNE, Car Shows, Great friends. What more can someone ask for when it’s all right in front of you! Brad, Sadie, Tanisha, Lysa, Tasha, Neil, Ad, And everyone else oh my you are all the best people ever!!!,  So much fun goofing off at Playland, and PNE, but even more fun at wake west, walking around, meeting bands, going to McDonalds! Oh it’s great! So many great memories and Social Code is the best band ever!!! Hahah. Brad, and Sadie you always know how to cheer one up when they think something is wrong, you’re all the best and I love you all to bits. DY Forever!!! Yay!!!

This Summer and This year are going to bring so many great days I cant wait! I love you all!!!


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